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This page lists the insurances accepted as well as Private Pay Rates.  Please note you will have to create accounts on Headway and Simple Practice and complete intake paperwork; Headway will need to confirm your insurance prior to scheduling an appointment.  All insurance and payment will be collected by Headway.  You will be listed as self-pay in simple practice to prevent your insurance from being charged twice.  Your invoice in simple practice will continue to be listed as unpaid in Simple Practice until I am paid by Headway to allow me to track payment.  Do not worry about the invoice in Simple Practice as long as you have paid in the Headway Portal.  Please note: Headway will require a credit card prior to scheduling in order to charge your copay or deductible or to charge your intake or session fee if you are Private Pay ("Private Pay" includes Open Path Collective Members, clients who are out of network, and clients who fall into neither of the first two categories who pay for therapy out of pocket for any reason.) Note: Clients who are asking for sliding scale fees may be requested to provide proof of income and/or financial need.  Although clients are not required to use insurance to pay for therapy they are encouraged to do so as it will reduce their out of pocket cost.


I will offer sliding scale fees for BCBS until I am in network with the understanding that you will switch to insurance once I am credentialed* 


Sliding Scale for Open Path Collective Members (I have limited spots available for Open Path Members)

*Please note membership in Open Path is for people who do not have any health insurance or do not have a mental health  insurance benefit (including those not listed here AND cannot afford private pay rates (this means you cannot afford private pay rates from ANY therapist not just Edelweiss Therapy, PLLC)*


Full Fee Private Pay Therapy

Intake per session: $200

60 Minute Session per session: $150

*1) If you have insurance and therefore don't qualify for Open Path Collective Membership AND 2) you have talked to your insurance and confirmed they won't reimburse you for a Super Bill AND 3) You can't find a therapist with availability who accepts your insurance please reach out.*

Out of Network

Super Bills can be created for insurance that is Out of Network.  However, please be advised that insurances do not reimburse the full amount of the fee and often will not cover any of the cost for therapy services that are Out of Network.  Clients will be responsible for calling the insurance to determine if Super Bills are accepted AND clients will submit the Super Bill.  Clients ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to find an In Network Provider OR determine if their insurance will accept a Super Bill and how much the insurance will reimburse the client PRIOR to engaging in therapy.  Out of Network Clients will pay private pay rates.


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